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The Significant Role of Smartphones in Human Lives

Posted on October 10, 2020

In today’s digital age, smartphones play a huge role in human lives. The use of smartphones in daily life is almost constant. How did smartphones change our lives? Particularly in the times of a global pandemic, people are using smartphones and other mobile devices more than ever—work, school, and social networking all take place online […]

How to Protect Your Smartphone from Hackers and Intruders

Posted on October 10, 2020

Smartphones are a way of life and the majority of cellphone users own one. With the amount of information they store, it’s no wonder it feels like a complete invasion of privacy, akin to having your home broken into, should someone hack in. The size of smartphones also makes them easy targets for thieves, but […]

9 Ways to Detect Spyware on Your Android Phone

Posted on September 9, 2020

Whether you’ve paid hundreds of dollars for your Smartphone or received a free Smartphone through the Lifeline program, spyware is a real threat. Most likely, you use your cell phone every day, whether to make a phone call, send a text message, or log in to your banking information, which is what spyware software tries […]

How Smartphones Play a Key Role in Healthcare

Posted on September 9, 2020

Smartphones play an important role in many aspects of everyday life. Like it or not, the Digital Age is here to stay—and our reliance on electronic devices increases every day. In addition to utilizing smartphones for social networking needs, smartphones are becoming increasingly important to various industries, including the healthcare sector. Tablets and smartphones both […]

How to Get a Free Smartphone in Tulsa, OK

Posted on August 8, 2020

Are you short on cash? Is budgeting even more unpleasant than usual for you right now? You’re not alone! Money is a major concern for people all across the world right now. During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, thanks to COVID-19, people from all walks of life are being faced with difficult financial […]

Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery Charged

Posted on May 5, 2020

You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to keep your Android device, free smartphone, or similar appliance from running out of battery power. In fact, by following just a few smartphone battery tips, you can stop worrying about losing power at the most inopportune times. Why Batteries Run Down It’s basic science: When […]

The Top 10 Items Your Phone’s Already Replaced

Posted on May 5, 2020

It’s amazing how many devices cell phones have replaced over the past few decades. Nowadays, smartphones can do the work of a GPS device, a flashlight, a radio, a TV, a TV remote control, a gaming console, a barcode scanner, a walkie-talkie, a landline phone, an alarm clock, and much more.

Seven Reasons to Have a Smartphone

Posted on May 5, 2020

The government’s free phone programs put powerful communications devices into millions of people’s hands. The most common uses for smartphones include texting, banking, emergency calls, accessing the Internet, taking photos, and making traditional telephone calls.

How to Use Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Effectively

Posted on May 5, 2020

Guides that explain how to use your android device effectively should include explanations of its basic elements, e.g., the desktop, the status bar, and other key features. How to Use an Android Phone for Beginners At the very least, you should become acquainted with the following items on your Android smartphone: Home screen: The home […]

A Survival Guide for Coping with a Stolen or Lost Cell Phone

Posted on May 5, 2020

: If you lose your cell phone or if it’s stolen, don’t panic. You can locate it and sound alerts on it via another phone. The key thing to remember is to enable all the functions on your phone before you lose it or before it’s stolen.

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