Why Assist

Why choose Assist Wireless? It’s simple. We offer everything you need to stay connected at an affordable price!
In Maryland, Missouri, and Arkansas, we offer a free lifeline phone and free service, every month.
In Oklahoma, we offer plans with data and unlimited text messages starting at only $0 per month.

Our “Love Your Phone” Program

Yet another way in which Assist Wireless sets itself apart from the competition is our “Love Your Phone” program. If you don’t love your phone, bring it in and switch it out for free! You can switch out your phone up to 2 times within 60 days from enrollment (only one swap on an account is permitted within the first seven days following enrollment).

free government cell phone

With the Assist Wireless Referral Program, you can earn a $25 credit for every friend you refer who’s eligible for Lifeline services.

You could bring in enough friends to have free service for an entire year!

Assist Wireless has 25 stores located in Oklahoma. We’ll be there for you in the snow, rain, sleet, or heat!

We give you the most – unlimited talk and text plus 500MB data starting at only $1 per month. Look around for a better deal. We did, and found nothing!

*Love your phone swaps are subject to inspection for both their working condition as well as their cosmetic condition by Assist Wireless associates and management. Only free phones are eligible for the “Love Your Phone” program. Upgraded phones do not qualify. A phone is only permitted to be swapped if it meets the quality standards set forth by assist wireless. Quality assessments and swaps are completed at the sole discretion and interpretation of the authorized associate. This LIFELINE service is provided by Assist Wireless, LLC. LIFELINE is a government assistance program. Service is non-transferable and only eligible consumers may enroll in the program. The program is limited to one discount per household. Documentation proving eligibility is necessary for enrollment. Customers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the lifeline benefit can be punished by fine, imprisonment, or can be barred from the program. Please see your local sales representative for plans in your area or call 855-392-7747.