Handset Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Phones

The wireless telephone industry has developed handset hearing aid ratings to assist hearing device users in finding wireless devices that may be compatible with their hearing devices. Not all wireless devices have been rated. Wireless devices that are rated will have the rating displayed on their box together with other relevant approval markings.

These ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on your hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device is vulnerable to interference you may not be able to use a rated wireless device successfully.

The following are Hearing Aid Compatible phones Assist Wireless offers under its branded wireless product. Our sales staff is trained to assist all customers looking for a HAC-compliant handset.

(Please note that this list is subject to change and selection is dependent upon availability).

HAC ratings

M-Rating: M-rating determines the Radio Frequency emissions level and signal quality of a phone.

  • Phones with a higher M-rating have a lower RF emissions level and a higher signal quality.
  • A hearing aid must be in microphone mode in order to replicate the mode that was used to achieve the phone’s rating.
  • The phone’s M-rating should be considered along with the user’s hearing aid’s M-rating.
  • It is recommended that the rating of the hearing aid and phone add up to at least 5.

T-Rating: A Telecoil is a small device built into some hearing aids that allow for a better experience when using a telephone or other listening device.

  • The Telecoil gathers magnetic fields generated by telephones and converts these fields into sound.
  • Not all hearing aids or listening devices have a Telecoil. A switch or button on the hearing aid must be selected to choose the Telecoil setting.
  • Telecoil is particularly useful for telephone communication because it permits the volume control of a hearing aid to be turned up without creating feedback or whistling. Additionally, background noise can be reduced, especially when using devices in noisy places.

Hearing Aid Compatible Devices

Make/ModelM RatingT RatingFCC ID
Alcatel CinchM3T4RAD556
HTC DESIRE 626SM4T4NM80PM9200/NM80PM9400/NM80PM9310
Kyocera 1300M3T4OVF-K33BIC03
Kyocera S1360M3T4V65S1360
LG AN150M4T4LG AN150
Motorola XT1766M3T3IHDT56WC1/IHDT56WC2/IHDT56WC3
Samsung Galaxy A10M3T4A3LSMA105M
Samsung U360M4T4A3LSCHU360

Non-Hearing Aid Compatible Devices

Make/ModelFCC ID

If you are interested in obtaining one of these Hearing Aid Compatible phones or if you are interested in exploring other HAC phones that we may have in stock, please contact Customer Service at (855) 392-7747.

Need additional information regarding hearing aid-compatible and non-hearing aid-compatible devices? Visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) here.

You can find information about the wireless hearing aid compatibility rules and service providers’ obligations here.