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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Information for Customers Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Last Updated: 10/06/2021

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted specific hearing-aid compatibility rules for cell phones to ensure that manufacturers develop phones that are compatible with hearing aid devices and assist hearing device users in finding those phones. Specifically, the FCC relies on standards developed by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) to help consumers identify which cell phones are compatible with hearing aids. Under the 2019 ANSI Standard, a phone is hearing aid compatible if it is labeled as such. The 2011 ANSI Standard uses a rating system: compatibility with telecoil hearing aids is based on a ‘T’ rating (T1 through T4), while compatibility with microphone hearing aids is based on an ‘M’ rating (M1 through M4). The higher the M or T rating assigned to a phone, the less interference there is to hearing aid users—phones that receive a rating of 3 or 4 are deemed to be hearing aid compatible.

Today, most cell phones are designed to be compatible with hearing aids under the ANSI Standards, and therefore reduce or completely eliminate interference that some hearing aid device users may experience when using a cell phone. Interference occurs when the electronics within the hearing aid device pick up and demodulate radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) emitted by the cell phone or other sources, which may result in a buzzing, humming, or whining noise for users with hearing aid devices while using certain cell phones. In addition to the hearing aid compatibility of the device, the amount of interference experienced will vary depending on the design of the hearing aid.

While the ANSI Standards are a useful tool for consumers when choosing the right cell phone, they do not guarantee that a phone will not cause interference with a particular hearing aid. Additionally, while phones have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that they use, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in phones that have not yet been tested for use with hearing aids. If you use a hearing device, it is important that you try the different features of your phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Your hearing device manufacturer or hearing health professional can help you with questions about your hearing device. You can also consult the manufacturer of your phone for more information on hearing aid compatibility. Additionally, if your cell phone is not working with your hearing aid device, please contact Assist Customer Service or your wireless phone retailer about phone return or exchange policies.

Assist Wireless ensures that a certain portion of the wireless phones it offers are hearing aid compatible and sources current, industry standard devices. The devices it offers vary over time. Assist Wireless currently offers the following hearing aid compatible wireless phones:

Make/Model FCC ID M Rating T Rating Level of Functionality ANSI Standard
Alcatel 5044C 2ACCJB079, 2ACCJH062, 2ACCJH063, 2ACCJB090 4 3 Smartphone 2019
Alcatel 4052R 2ACCJN032 4 4 Flip 2019
Apple IPhone 5s BCG-E2642A 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Apple iPhone 6 BCG-E2816A 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Apple iPhone 6 Plus BCG-E2817A 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Apple iPhone 6S BCG-E2946A 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Apple IPhone 6S Plus BCG-E2944A 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Coolpad Catalyst R38YL3622A 4 3 Smartphone 2019
HTC U11 NM82PZC100, NM82PZC500 4 3 Smartphone 2019
Kyocera Hydra View V65C6742 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Kyocera Hydro XTRM V65C6522 3 3 Smartphone 2019
LG G Stylo ZNFH631, ZNFH634 3 3 Smartphone 2019
LG Neon ZNFX320TA, ZNFX320AA 3 3 Smartphone 2019
LG Stylo 2 Plus ZNFK550BN, ZNFK557, ZNFK550BN 3 4 Smartphone 2019
LG Stylo 4 Plus ZNFQ710AL 4 3 Smartphone 2019
LG Xpression ZNFX410AS, ZNFX410CS 3 3 Smartphone 2019
Maze Speed 2AL40-SPEED 4 4 Smartphone 2019
Motorola E5 IHDT56XF2, IHDT56XF4, IHDT56XF5, IHDT56XF6 4 3 Smartphone 2019
Revvl Plus R38YL3701A 3 3 Smartphone 2019
Samsung Galaxy A10 A3LSMA105M 3 4 Smartphone 2019
Samsung Grand Prime A3LSMG530AZ, A3LSMG530T, A3LSMG531H 3 3 Smartphone 2019
Samsung Note 5 A3LSMN920A, A3LSMN920T, A3LSMN920F, A3LSMN920I 4 3 Smartphone 2019
Samsung Note 7 A3LSMN930U, A3LSMN930F 4 4 Smartphone 2019
SOHO Style 2AL40-K5016C 4 4 Smartphone 2019
SOHO STYLE 5 2AQ4GMS5414G 4 4 Smartphone 2019
SOHO Style 5.5 2AQ4G-SSB554R 4 4 Smartphone 2019
MAZE SPEED 2AQ4G-MS5514G 4 4 Smartphone 2019
MOTO E4 T56WC1 3 3 Smartphone 2019
Black Smart 2AQ4GMS5414G 4 4 Smartphone 2019
Lush MINT 2AQ4GMS5414G 4 4 Smartphone 2019
LG K30 ZNFX410PM 3 3 Smartphone 2019
LG K5 ZNFM700H, ZNFM700F, ZNFM700N, ZNFM703 4 4 Smartphone 2019


Assist Wireless currently offers the following additional phones, which are not hearing aid compatible:

Make/Model FCC ID Level of Functionality
Sky Elite A5 2ABOSSKYELITEA5 Smartphone
Sky Elite B5 2ABOSSKYELITEB5 Smartphone
Sky Elite B55 2ABOSSKYELITEB55 Smartphone
Sky Elite C5 2ABOSSKYELITEC5 Smartphone
Sky Elite H55 2ABOSSKYELITEH55 Smartphone
SKY Elite P55 2ABOSSKYELITEP55 Smartphone
Sky Elite H5 2ABOSSKYELITEH5 Smartphone

For additional information about hearing aid compatibility with cell phones, see the FCC Guide at www.fcc.gov/hearing-aid-compatibility-wireless-telephones or the wireless industry association’s consumer resource guide at www.accesswireless.org/resources-for-consumers/hearing-resources. For more information about accessibility features available in current and older phones, visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative’s website at www.gari.info.

If you have questions about Assist Wireless’ wireless services, please contact Assist Wireless customer service using the following information:

Email: info@assistwireless.com

Phone: 1-855-392-7747 or 611 from your device during normal business hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm CT

Mail: Assist Wireless, 3030 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy., Ste 1320, Dallas, TX 75234