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Who Is Assist Wireless?

We Support Low-Income Families, Seniors, & Veterans

Assist Wireless offers affordable Lifeline wireless phone service for individuals and families who have a low income and/or qualify for government assistance or Veterans programs.

Through Lifeline, a federally-mandated assistance program, Assist Wireless provides free phones and subsidized services that offer those who may not otherwise be able to afford a phone access to emergency services, health care, childcare, education, and employment opportunities.

In order to qualify for the program, subscribers must meet certain eligibility requirements and can apply online for a free government cell phone.


100% FREE Unlimited Data*, Talk, and Text!
*Dependent on eligibility; plans vary by location. Limited Time Offer


Request to upgrade to an ACP plan at your local Assist Wireless store!


You may be eligible to upgrade to 100% FREE Unlimited Data*, Talk, and Text. Visit a store to upgrade today!

What Is Lifeline?

Assist Wireless offers FREE Phones and FREE Lifeline service if you qualify for SNAP/Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI, or other government programs.

You May Qualify For A FREE PHONE* and FREE SERVICE!

Lifeline is a government benefit that lowers the cost of cell phone service For consumers – most customers stay connected at NO COST!

Affordable Devices & Service Options With 29+ Locations To Serve You

We offer affordable GSM and CDMA devices and the BEST Lifeline plans. Visit one of our 29+ locations in Oklahoma to learn more about FREE Assist Wireless cell phones and Lifeline service. If you already have a phone you love, bring it to one of our retail locations!

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We LOVE Being Here for You.

We offer more than just a FREE phone and service for our customers. With more rewards and perks than ANY other Lifeline provider, our customers can rest assured they will have the talk, text, and data they want and need to stay connected.

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29+ locations

in Oklahoma

Free Unlimited Data*

Limited Time Offer

*Dependent on eligibility; plans vary by location.