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Posted on May 12, 2020

Phones Are Multiuse Devices

When you think about it, smartphones, cell phones, or Lifeline phones do the work of dozens of different devices that we used to buy separately. For example, you can watch live television programs, scan credit cards, use the screen as a flashlight, and more. Here are the most common things cell phones have replaced over the past few years:

  • Cameras: Using a cellphone as a camera is one of the most common ways people transform their phones into other devices. It’s impossible to visit any public space without seeing at least a few people taking pictures with their phones.
  • Camcorders: Most smartphones are able to record a short amount of video.
  • E-book Readers: You can read most any e-book on your phone’s screen. This function virtually eliminates the need to purchase a separate e-book reader.
  • Calculators: Every phone has a powerful, built-in calculator.
  • Flashlights: If you are ever caught in the dark with nothing more than the clothes on your back and your phone, simply scroll to the “flashlight” function, and the screen will emit a high-powered beam of light to guide you through the darkness. Keep an eye on your battery level because the flashlight uses more energy than standard mode.
  • Video Players: Want to watch a movie while riding the bus across town? You can watch whatever you want right on your smartphone’s screen. Use headphones to listen in private so as not to disturb the other passengers.
  • Alarm Clocks: Need to wake up at a specific time? Set your phone on “alarm”and choose the type of sound alert you want. Make sure to turn up the volume so you won’t sleep through the alarm.
  • Watches: Why wear a watch when your phone can tell you the exact time? Most cell phones display the time in large numbers on the main screen.
  • Newspapers: Rather than buy your favorite newspaper, why not just read it online via your phone’s display screen? You’ll save money, time, and won’t waste paper, thus helping the environment.
  • Handwritten Letters: When is the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Most people have stopped doing it the old-fashioned way now that they can text quickly and easily to anyone, anywhere, any time.

Consumers Have Diverse Preferences

Everyone uses their phone differently. Some tend to do nothing but make calls, send an occasional text message, and take photos. Whether you have a no-frills cell phone, a high-end smartphone, or prefer Lifeline phones, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you use your phone. It’s hard to imagine all the things cell phones have replaced and impossible to predict what the next new development will be in this area of technology.