Assist Wireless Best Lifeline Plans

The Best Lifeline Plans – get Talk, Text and Data!

Our Lifeline plans include talk, text, and data* for as little as $0/month! We provide Lifeline service in several states, including Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin and Arkansas.

Please select your state from the icons below to see a list of Lifeline plans available for your area (OK, MD, AR, MO):

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How it Works: Enrolling in a Lifeline Plan

To obtain a Lifeline phone and service, subscribers must meet certain eligibility requirements. You can apply for a free phone, free of charge. Or, if you already have a phone, Assist Wireless gives you the choice of enjoying the free service while continuing to use your current phone AND offers a $15 account credit plus 1GB FREE Data when you Bring Your Own Device**. 

You can apply online or be enrolled by a Lifeline agent. Online enrollment is the quickest way to get started on one of our great Lifeline plans – you’ll get e-mail updates regarding your enrollment, and your phone will be shipped directly to you.

Not sure if you qualify for a Lifeline Plan?

If your income is 135% or less of the federal poverty guideline, or if you participate in government assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or receive Veteran’s Pension and Survivor benefits, you may qualify for a free Lifeline device and Lifeline service.

View a full list of programs and eligibility information to see if you qualify for Lifeline Service with Assist Wireless.

About Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless offers subsidized wireless service and free cell phones for qualifying subscribers through a federally mandated assistance program (Lifeline), which helps low-income American families, veterans, and seniors obtain affordable access to communication necessary for emergency services, child care, employment, healthcare, and education. Assist Wireless offers Lifeline plans for OK, MD, WI, MD, and AR residents.


* Data included in plans vary by state and device capability
** Oklahoma only. Compatibility, eligibility, and other restrictions apply.