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Posted on July 15, 2020

It’s undeniable. Technology is the future, and cell phones are at the epicenter of technology.

The most modern cell phones on the market today provide many options for keeping in touch with those who matter the most to you. However, each newer model of phone is more costly than the last, and the data plans usually have an expensive price tag to match! Although we are in an increasingly digital world that continues to thrive and advance on a daily basis, many people are simply not able to afford adequate mobile devices and/or data plans.

Despite developing a restricted budget and cutting corners wherever possible, it can be very challenging for those with lower incomes to find a way to incorporate cell phone technology into their lives. Fortunately, the Lifeline Assistance Program was developed in 1985 to address this issue, which impacts the lives of so many.

What is the Lifeline Assistance Program?

The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program is part of the Universal Service Fund. The purpose of this government-funded program, also known as the “government phone,” is to serve low-income families and those who are recipients of any approved government assistance programs  Customers who qualify through low-income eligibility (with a household income of 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines), or program eligibility (by being recipients of government assistance programs such as Medicaid, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) are able to get a monthly discount on cell phones and talk/text/data plans. Those who live on Tribal Lands are eligible for special pricing and coverage as well. Thanks to this innovative program, free smartphones for those in need are now much easier for those who are eligible to obtain.

Assist Wireless–Oklahoma’s No. 1 Federal Lifeline Assistance Program Provider

Despite the fact that everyone needs and wants a cell phone for a variety of purposes, the financially disadvantaged sometimes do not have many options—until now. If you’re in need of a cell phone, Assist Wireless has several options to help you out and get you on the road to cellular connectivity. Assist Wireless is the No. 1 Lifeline Assistance Program provider in Oklahoma, currently operating 23 retail locations, with plans for more in the works. They have talk, text, and data plans for as little as $0 a month! Currently, Assist Wireless provides Lifeline service in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri. Service plans vary by state, so be sure to select your location to view the options available to you. Visit https://www.assistwireless.com/ to see if you qualify for the program. If so, applying is quick and easy. Check the website to see what documents you need to provide, fill out the application, submit your documents, and before you know it, if you qualify, a Lifeline phone may be yours.

Here are examples of documents that can be submitted as Proof of Income to certify low-income eligibility (as defined above):

  • Veterans Administration Benefits Statement
  • Prior year’s State, Federal, or Tribal Tax Return
  • Retirement/Pension Benefits Statement
  • Social Security Benefits Statement
  • Unemployment/Workers Compensation Benefits Statement
  • Divorce Decree or Child Support Documents
  • You may qualify for Lifeline if your income is 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines                                          (Please note: If you provide documentation that does not cover a full year (such as current paycheck stubs), you must submit three (3) consecutive months’ worth of the same type of document from the previous twelve months.)

The BYOD Program

What if you need financial assistance with your cell phone plan, but already have a phone you love using and want to keep? No problem! Assist Wireless has implemented a “BYOD” program, which stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” What is the BYOD program? Once you qualify for the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program, representatives can check your phone’s IMEI number to see if it is compatible with the Assist Wireless networks. You can also check it out for yourself. In order to determine if your phone will work with a Lifeline program, you need to first make sure that it is unlocked. It must also be compatible with the following current Assist Wireless networks: GSM (T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint). Find your IMEI number in your phone’s settings, whether you presently have an iPhone, Android, or Windows device. If you qualify, you’ll also earn a $15 account credit or 1 GB of free data. What’s not to love?!

Assist Wireless: Perks and Promotions!

Assist Wireless is a trusted provider of the Federal Lifeline Program and a go-to company for many reasons, including the excellent customer service, perks, and promotions they offer their satisfied clients on a consistent basis. One popular aspect of their policies is that you can “refill” your account when you run out of cell phone minutes, text messages, or data.

Going over your limit can be easy to do while talking with family and friends, participating in virtual meetings with coworkers, corresponding via emails, or catching up on your social media accounts. With Assist Wireless, this is no problem! You can reload with 1 GB of data for just $15. Assist Wireless also offers hearing-impaired devices for those in need. Additional perks and promotions offered include birthday and activation date anniversary rewards, a variety of ways to earn free account credits, and the ability to get up to 4 GB FREE every month when you qualify for Tribal Lifeline service in Oklahoma. All of these perks and promotions offered by Assist Wireless serve as additional reasons why they continue to be utilized and trusted by so many.

You may be wondering what kind of plans Assist Wireless offers. Assist Wireless offers several plans to meet your needs when it comes to Lifeline phones. The customer service team recognizes that there isn’t a “one size fits all” package to satisfy all of their consumers. People from all different lifestyles have unique needs when it comes to cellular phones, minutes, and data plans. There are a variety of phones and talk/text/data plans for you to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Visit an Assist Wireless retail location, call, chat, or email an Assist Wireless customer service representative today to see if you qualify for a Federal Lifeline Assistance Program smartphone! There are skilled associates waiting to assist you in all aspects of applying, checking your qualifications, and activating a new device today–or even transferring your favorite phone to a Lifeline plan through the BYOD program. A tech-savvy device and/or data plan is finally within reach!