Assist Wireless Lifeline Phone TV Commercials

Assist Wireless Lifeline Phone TV Commercials

Assist Wireless is here for you. Over the phone. On the web. And, now, with full-service stores across Oklahoma. Come and visit one of our 25 locations to learn more about the Free Government Cell Phones (“obama phones”) and Lifeline service provided by Assist Wireless. The below Lifeline Phone TV commercials are specific to Oklahoma, but Assist Wireless also provides service to residents of Arkansas, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Missouri. View our Lifeline Phone Plans for details of plan offerings in your state.

Watch these Lifeline phone TV commercials below to learn more about Assist Wireless.





Want to know if You Qualify for a free Lifeline Phone (“Obama Phone”)?

Assist Wireless provides Lifeline Phones to individuals who qualify for the government-supported Lifeline Program, which helps low-income families, seniors, and veterans gain access to essential communication services. Individuals may qualify for Lifeline by income or by participation in select government assistance programs and receive monthly service for as little as $0/month!

Looking to Switch your Lifeline Service to Assist Wireless?

We’re happy to have you! Assist Wireless offers competitive Lifeline Plans and affordable talk, text, and data refill prices. We’re here for you!

Enroll in Lifeline with Assist Wireless online, or get free account credit when you Bring Your Own Device* to use with your Lifeline service.


*offer dependent on location, device compatibility and Lifeline Program eligibility).