It Pays to be an Assist Wireless Partner

Earn $3,000 or More Per Month!

Join the Assist Wireless team and earn money while helping your community. Assist Wireless makes free or very low cost Lifeline cell phone service available to low-income families and individuals in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Oklahoma. Customers may also qualify for unlimited minutes and other upgrades. The service is low cost and there is nothing the consumer has to purchase upfront.

Lifeline cell phone partner

Enrolling People is Easy!

Your customers only need to complete a short online enrollment process. Then they upload a copy of their ID and proof of eligibility, and that completes the online application. The process is that simple! Assist Wireless allows the customer to choose the service plan that best suits their needs. They select the plan and phone they like best. Our site validates their address and qualifying information through a series simple steps.

It’s easy! You submit the customer information to confirm the customer is qualified. When our system accepts the order, the customer gets their phone and can begin using it for talk/text/data. Your commissions are guaranteed!

Build Your Team of Sub Agents. Earn Even More!

As an Assist Wireless partner, you are compensated by commissions. There is no salary or wage paid to our partners. But our partners can easily make $3,000 a month or in some cases $10,000 or more a month as a team builder. Check to see if Assist Wireless can qualify you to add agents and sub agents, then watch the money roll in!

How to Qualify as a Free Lifeline Cell Phone Services Partner.

Demand is high to become a Free Lifeline Cell Phone Services Partner. You must pass a background and criminal records check to qualify to be an agent. Our staff will review all applications thoroughly and determine if you qualify.

How the Lifeline Program Works.

Assist Wireless is able to make cell phone service affordable available thanks to the Lifeline program. Lifeline is a federal assistance program that offers wireless telephone discounts to qualified low-income customers, including residents of Tribal Lands. Lifeline provides a monthly discount to qualified individuals. Eligibility requirements and discounts vary by state. Restrictions apply.

Want more info?

Want more information? Get in touch with our distribution partner PayGO. Check out PayGO’s website here.

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Call PayGo Distributors at (844)-55-PAYGO or Apply Online to become an Assist Wireless/PayGO Partner.