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Posted on May 12, 2020

Most people are aware of the importance of cell phones in emergencies. But many do not realize that phones can be set up to help save a life.

How Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

Most ways to use a cell phone to save your life are obvious, e.g., calling a tow truck when your car breaks down or phoning emergency medical help if you fall and can’t get up. But there are several other not-so-obvious strategies you can use to turn your free lifeline phone into a life-saving device. Here are some of the most popular methods for converting your phone into an emergency unit:

  • Program your phone for location discovery: This means that cell phone companies will be able to find where you are if you are carrying your phone. Many thousands of lost children and adults have been found this way, and many lives have been saved as a result. Go to your phone’s settings and set location discovery to “on.”
  • Find a “Learn CPR” app and use it: It takes no more than a minute to find an app that will teach you how to do CPR. Once the app is in your phone, you’ll need to spend about an hour learning this life-saving technique. If you are away from civilization, and one of your companions needs CPR, you’ll know what to do; you can even use your phone’s app to help you remember the steps of the technique.
  • Put your personal medical data into your phone: This is critical, especially if you suffer from a serious illness and require emergency personnel to save your life.
  • Get “emergency room” apps: Many free apps are available that will direct you to the closest emergency facility, no matter where you are. This comes in handy for those who travel a lot or spend time overseas.
  • Put emergency contact names into your phone: Have the names and contact data of your spouse or close friends on your phone so emergency personnel can find them. Many lives have been saved by this technique, especially when the victim falls unconscious and rescuers don’t know the person’s medical history.

Don’t Forget to Act Before an Unexpected Emergency

The key thing to remember about using a phone to help you get through an emergency is to set it up now – not later. It’s important to avoid procrastination here because, unless you put your medical data onto your phone now while you’re thinking of it, you’ll likely forget and end up wishing you had – maybe after it’s too late.

That means taking a few minutes now to program your phone so others can find you in the event you are lost or kidnapped. Many kidnap victims have been rescued because they had their phones with them and turned on. Act now to load your emergency contact names and numbers into your phone.

Finally, download an app that can teach you how to do CPR or help someone who is unconscious. This is an ideal way to utilize your cell phone for your own safety and the safety of others.