Assist Wireless Lifeline Recertification

Effective July 2017, Lifeline Recertification will occur on a rolling basis in monthly batches based on customer’s anniversary date. This change by the Lifeline administrator, USAC  simplifies the process for customers to renew their Lifeline service – Assist Wireless Lifeline Recertification can be completed by phone, online or by mail.

Recertifying is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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Recommended Method Mail Your Letter
• Available in English & Español • Available in English & Español
• Takes Less Than 15 Minutes • Time Depends on Mail Delivery
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You will receive your initial Lifeline recertification notice by phone call or text message, and an envelope in the mail from USAC (pictured below). The letter informs you that it is time to renew your Lifeline benefit and provides the following three methods for recertifying. Assist Wireless will also send you a reminder about your Lifeline Recertification.

Additional Lifeline Recertification Information:

Having trouble recertifying online? Submit your recertification forms here.

Recertification Mailing Address:
Federal Lifeline Program – Annual Recertification
Consumer Service Response Center
P.O. Box 1428
Killeen, TX 76540

Example Lifeline Recertification Materials for Reference:

USAC Recertification Letter:

Recertification Form


Download the Assist Wireless Recertification Form here.

Not Sure if You Still Qualify for Lifeline Phone Service?

You can check to see if you still qualify for Lifeline by program or by income prior to completing your recertification.