Free Phone Offer for Recertifying Lifeline Eligibility

Some customers may be eligible to receive a new FREE Smartphone for recertifying their lifeline eligibility. This offer is limited to specific customers identified for this promotion. Successful recertification is required in order to qualify for this device. We define successful recertification as:

1. Completing the lifeline affidavit
2. Providing acceptable proof of identification as determined by our compliance department
3. Providing proof of eligibility as determined by our compliance department

This offer may not be combined with any other offer. If you take advantage of a different offer, such as an account credit, you will forfeit your eligibility for a new free smart phone. You may complete the recertification process including all 3 steps above by visiting a store or tent, going to or by calling 855-295-5400.

NOT ALL CUSTOMERS QUALIFY FOR THIS OFFER. This offer is a limited offer to specific customers targeted for this offer. IF you did not receive an invitation for this offer, it is not available to you. Our customer management system identifies customers eligible for this promotion with an account note. That account note, and ONLY that account note will qualify you for eligibility for a free smartphone for successfully recertifying your lifeline eligibility as defined above. SMS messages, letters or other promotional materials do not qualify you for this offer on their own. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. This offer is only valid while supplies last and while inventory is available. Rain checks are not available. Offer ends when promotional device supplies are exhausted or at the discretion of management. MAY NOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. This offer may not be combined with current, previous, or future offers of Assist Wireless LLC. Assist Wireless reserves the right to cancel, revoke, or refuse this promotion at any time without notice. LIFELINE is a government assistance program. Service is non-transferable and only eligible consumers may enroll in the program. The program is limited to one discount per household. Documentation proving eligibility is necessary for enrollment. Customers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the lifeline benefit can be punished by fine, imprisonment, or can be barred from the program.