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Who Qualifies for a Free Cell Phone and Free Phone Service?

Do I Qualify for a Free Phone and Free Phone Service? Do you qualify for a free cell phone? You might. In fact, there's a free government benefit program that…

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Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery Charged

You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to keep your Android device, free smartphone, or similar appliance from running out of battery power. In fact, by following just…

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The Top 10 Items Your Phone’s Already Replaced

Phones Are Multiuse Devices When you think about it, smartphones, cell phones, or Lifeline phones do the work of dozens of different devices that we used to buy separately. For…

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Seven Reasons to Have a Smartphone

Smartphone’s Are Versatile Whether or not you already own one, you’re probably aware of the many valid reasons to have a smartphone. When you take advantage of programs that offer…

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How Your Phone Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Most people are aware of the importance of cell phones in emergencies. But many do not realize that phones can be set up to help save a life. How Your…

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How to Use Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Effectively

Guides that explain how to use your android device effectively should include explanations of its basic elements, e.g., the desktop, the status bar, and other key features. How to Use…

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