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Want to know more about Lifeline-supported government cell phones?

If you have a question about Assist Wireless free government cell phones and/or Lifeline service, just fill out the form below. An Assist Wireless representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Call: 1-855-888-0484 to contact the Assist Wireless Phone Directory or call Customer Service at 1-855-EZ-ASSIST (1-855-392-7747)

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Subscribers have the option to “opt-out” of service with Assist Wireless at any time. Subscribers are under no obligation to continue use of wireless services with Assist Wireless. To “opt-out” at any time please send an email to or call customer service.

Want to enroll in Lifeline phone service and a free government cell phone (“obama phone”)?

You can enroll online with Assist Wireless at any time! It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. Apply for your free government cell phone today.

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Not sure if you qualify for Lifeline?

If you participate in a government assistance program like SNAP or Medicaid, you’re likely eligible for Lifeline phone services. You may also qualify by income. For a more detailed list of ways to qualify for a government cell phone and monthly Lifeline Service, take a look at the Lifeline Eligibility guidelines on our How to Qualify page.